From humble beginnings without any capital, Avanguardia rooted itself as a client-based, sole proprietor company. It stayed through the thick and thin as it overcame numerous obstacles towards achieving its goals. After a span of two years in the business, Avanguardia managed to move a step further to become Avanguardia Group Sdn. Bhd. It continued to generate creative ideas and lead the trend in the creative, event and renovation industry whilst the burning passion within the management lingered on, the business thrived and excelled beyond expectations.


SOBA group

Our most recent achievement was winning the STAR Outstanding Business Award (SOBA) for the MOST PROMISING AWARD category!

The STAR Outstanding Awards (SOBA) was all about recognising the best in Malaysian businesses. This was our first milestone at the start of 2020. The time and effort we contributed have finally materialized!

The award particularly recognised 0ur hardwork and lit more fire within ourselves to steer the company to greater heights.

International Prestige Brand Award 2019


Our victory path continued with our second award on 20th April 2019 which is known as International Prestige Brand Award under Brand of the Year category. This award celebrates new emerging products with outstanding performance among various fields annually. The award is organised by the Asian Excellence Entrepreneurs Federation (AEEF) and co-organised by HWT Group, it constitutes the most influential and professional global brand contest, designed to reward the development of excellent brands across the world.

Without any doubt, these two awards elevated our company image and increased consumers confidence over our services. It is a great milestone for us and has boosted up us to strive harder to achieve better in the future.

avanguardia award

We were featured in Top Corporate Leader Facebook page regarding on winning the International Brand of the Year Award.

SME Award 2018

SME100 video production award.jpg

Our 5 years of hard work paid off a great milestone last year on 30th November 2018 by receiving SME100 Award as a Fast Moving Company. SME100 Awards is an Annual Recognition programme organised by SME Magazine, naming the fastest moving businesses of the SME sector. To promote recognition of top businesses in a lucrative and dynamic market, the SME100 Awards has served as a symbol separating the best among the great.

Our Recognition

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